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computer screen and printing press No matter what you sell or how you sell it, you want customers to buy your “stuff”. So, like it or not, you are in the sales and marketing business. But no one can do it all. To be successful you must focus on your core business. This leaves very little time, if any, for sales and marketing activities and chances are you’re not a sales and marketing pro either. What’s more, you probably don’t have the budget or desire to staff a marketing department. With Crigital Media you don’t have to. As your marketing partner we provide the print and digital marketing products and services you need to grow your business.

In a recent study, 80% of consumers stated they must be motivated by more than one channel and strong branding before making a purchase. When you think about it on a personal level, most of us require multiple interactions with a branding campaign that consistently conveys the marketing mix message before we part with our hard earned dollar. Don't have much money? Don't worry! We help small businesses of all sizes and budgets. Want to get started? Shop online, take the 10 Second Marketing Survey, email, live chat or contact a Marketing Team Member to discover how Crigital can become your marketing partner.

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Despite the hype and clutter most marketing companies spew about their ultimate marketing solution, there's simply no one formula or set of marketing tools that can guarantee to catapult your your specific marketing mix to the next level of success. Your strategic marketing is unique to your industry and its objectives. Crigital's approach considers your individual goals to assist in the selection and deployment of the most appropriate and strategically planned small business marketing by means of multiple marketing channels and marketing tools to produce better ROI and consistent branding. Now that’s a formula that makes sense to us!

You know strategic marketing is important and we know how challenging it is to run a business. With so many marketing channels to explore, strategic marketing plans are rarely developed, strategies and campaigns quickly become part of the permanent wish lists and your business pays the price. That's exactly why our focus is to help small business become active in marketing and compete on a big scale. And, the best part is, we're there only when you need us dramatically reducing your marketing expenditures and increasing ROI.

Crigital offers a true cross media marketing mix consisting of print and digital channels in our six convenient marketing products and services categories. We developed these methods to simplify marketing for small business (See Products and Services in the left column). Our mission is to make marketing simple and affordable every day (See our BEST PRICE GUARANTEE!).

It's easy to start marketing with the help of Crigital Media. We'll evaluate and review your preferences and objectives to suggest the appropriate blend of print and digital marketing products and services. Shop online, take the 10 Second Marketing Survey, email, live chat or contact a Marketing Team Member to discover how Crigital can become your marketing partner.

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Posted by August 31, 2011

You already know you have a great product or service and now you just need to get it noticed by the right customers. And, what could be more important to your business than getting noticed without breaking the budget?

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